roof ventilation supavent from skydome hunter coast

Supavent compact, high efficiency roof vent

SupaVent is a premium wind driven turbine ventilator designed to exhaust heat from the roof space of a home. The Supavent has an attractive and streamlined design to complement any house design.

The SupaVent has been designed to perform in light breezes, which means the heat in your roof space will be exhausted even on relatively still hot summer days. Unlike traditional metal roof vents, SupaVents are constructed from a durable UV stabilised polymer which means they won’t rust or corrode and come with a 15 year Warranty. With twin stainless steel bearings the Supavent is built to last.

How many SupaVents do I need? 

The number of SupaVents you will need will vary based on your roof size and reasons for ventilating. As a general recommendation, 1-2 SupaVents is sufficient per 90m2 of roof space. However, for the best ventilating results, contact the Skydome Hunter Coast team and we can help you with a solution custom to your needs.


Pale Eucalypt®
Cottage Green®
Manor Red®
shale gray
Shale Grey®
woodland grey
Woodland Grey®
Deep Ocean®
Night Sky®


Poly Eave Vents

To allow replacement air into the roof space and improve air circulation Polymer and fire rated metal vents installed in the eaves of a home to improve cross flow ventilation with roof mounted vents.

Skydome Hunter Coast offers two types of high quality eave vents designed to work in conjunction with roof vents to allow cool, fresh air to be drawn into the roof space. The air drawn in from outside helps to improve the cross flow ventilation and help the roof mounted vents to work more effectively and efficiently.

The Polyeave Vent can be used in most homes with adequate eave space. Manufactured from temperature stable ABS polymers, the small inlet holes prevent most insects from entering the roof space but allow airflow into the roof space to improve cross flow ventilation with roof vents.

Metal Eave Vents

The Metal Eave Vent is designed for homes in bushfire areas and meets the requirements of AS 3959-2009. It is suitable for use in bush fire zones up to BAL-40. The Metal Eave vent is an effective and safe vent to use in combination with the Maestro BAL bush fire rated powered vent.

Ceiling Dampers

Use ceiling dampers to remove hot air from your living space and help your roof ventilators to work more efficiently.

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