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Specifically designed to suit Australian roof profiles, the Skydome Skylight has been an Australian daylighting benchmark since 1976. This versatile cost effective natural lighting solution is available in a size to suit every room. Built to last using quality raw materials and guaranteed not to leak thanks to our tried and proven flashing systems.

Proudly Australian made, there’s a dome for every dome! All Skydomes comply with AS4285. 

size range

Perhaps the most important question to consider when choosing a Skydome skylight is “what size do I require?”. We carry a large variety of sizes to suit any situation and roof structure. In most instances, the size of the room and the amount of light desired will determine the ideal dimensions of your new Skydome. The roof structure will also play an important part in the decision. 

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In a conventional roof, the rafters and ceiling joists can be altered to accommodate the majority of available Skydome sizes. For a trussed roof, your Skydome will need to fit between the trusses. Typically trusses are spaced with an opening of 565mm between each truss. Our 550mm wide range of sizes should be used in these applications. Please contact us for expert advice on choosing the ideal size for your requirements. If we don’t have the size you want, no problem we can also custom make to your dimensions. See base of page for size chart.

Flashings types

the tile Skydome skylight from skydome hunter coast

TSD for tile

the skydome for corrugated roofs


the metal deck range from skydome hunter coast


a powdercoated base from skydome hunter coast


uv light blocking from skydome hunter coast

Glazing Types – 99.9% UV Blockout

the tile Skydome skylight from skydome hunter coast


clear acrylic provides a crystal-clear view of sky and clouds as well as the night time stars from Skydome Hunter Coast


the smoke-grey colour of the tinted glazing from skydome hunter coast


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natural ventilation from skydome hunter coast


Product Data/ Size Range 

Base TypeSpecification Code Number / Roof TypeLight Area M2
SquareTile TSDCorrugated TSDMetal Deck MSD
550 x 500TSD 550CSD 550MSD 5500.302
600x600TSD 600CSD 600MSD 6000.360
800x800TSD 800CSD 800MSD 8000.640
1000x1000TSD 1000CSD 1000MSD 10001.000
1200x1200TSD 1200CSD 1200MSD 12001.440
1500x1500TSD 1500CSD 1500MSD 15002.250
400x700TSD 4/7CSD 4/7MSD 4/70.112
550x800TSD 55/8CSD 55/8MSD 55/80.440
600x800TSD 6/8CSD 6/8MSD 6/80.480
550x1100TSD 55/11CSD 55/11MSD 55/110.605
600x1100TSD 6/11CSD 6/11MSD 6/110.660
550x1400TSD 55/14CSD 55/14MSD 55/140.770
600x1400TSD 6/14CSD 6/14MSD 6/140.840
550x2100TSD 55/21CSD 55/21MSD 55/211.155
600x2100TSD 6/21CSD 6/21MSD 6/211.260
800x1100TSD 8/11CSD 8/11MSD 8/110.880
800x1400TSD 8/14CSD 8/14MSD 8/141.120