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Beat the heat this summer

Our harsh Australian environment and often poor building design can result in our homes heating up very quickly during the day. Heat trapped in the roof space can also result in timber distortion, sagging ceilings and potential paint problems.

During winter months, moisture can become trapped within the roof cavity resulting in the growth of mould and mildew. As the heat builds up in your roof space, it radiates through the ceiling and into the rooms below. Without a roof ventilation system this heat just becomes trapped.

Ventilation helps overcome these issues and makes for a healthier home. By reducing the temperature in your roof you will reduce the need for air conditioning and lower your power bills. For the complete solution consider a combination of roofing blanket or sarking, roof insulation batts and a Powervent motorised roof ventilator.

The Skydome Powervent works when you need it to regardless of the wind and draws up to 900m3 per hour or 250 litres per second.  The roof mounted thermostat takes control of switching the Powervent on and off automatically so it operates when your roof needs it. Prefer to control it yourself? No problem, the Powervent can be operated via a wall switch

Under eave vents or ceilings grilles are recommended with the Powervent to increase the efficiency and allow replacement air into your roof space.