GGL Centre-Pivot Roofwindow

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Centre-pivoting roof window for in-reach applications

VELUX GGL is an openable, centre-pivoting roof window for in-reach applications used to bring natural light and air into attics or lofts where ventilation is required.

15° to 90° installation pitch

Size Range 

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Technical Performance

U-value † Solar Heat Gain Co-effecient † Bushfire^ Heat Block WERS max 5 stars (summer rating) Australian standards
Skylight 1.30‡
Glass only 1.00
Skylight 0.31
Glass only 0.30
BAL40 Approximately 70% GGL Centre Pivot Roofwindow - AS4285, AS1288 AS3959^, AS1530.1††

Note: BCA 2013 Vol 1 & 2 regulations (Prevention of Falls from Windows – Balustrades & Barriers): contact Skydome Hunter Coast for information relating to restrictor devices for within-reach opening skylights.

^Bushfire testing applicable to GGL in roof pitch 18°-75°. Roof window only. Custom-made flashing required. Roof window tested in closed position, additional mesh protection may be required for opening apertures (consult local council). ††Assessed in closed position.