velux Flashing Options

Velux flashing options -

Do it once, do it right

If you’re buying a Velux skylight you need a Skydome one piece flashing. 

Velux skylights and our Skydome one piece flashings are a winning combination. The Skydome range of flashings to suit Velux skylights are the No 1 choice of roofers and industry professionals. The Skydome one piece flashing range makes installing Velux easy, guarantees a watertight installation and looks great. Specifically manufactured for Australian roof types and proudly Australian made. TSD for Tile, CSD for corrugated and MSD for metal deck roof types.

Skydome Tile TSD One Piece Flashing for Velux

skydome tsd one piece flashing for velux

Skydome Corrugated CSD One Piece flashing for Velux

skyfome currugated csd one piece flashing for velux

Have you got a flat metal deck roof or low pitch corrugated roof?

The Velux Fixed and Openable Skylight range requires a minimum pitch for the glazing of 15 degrees.  We make pitched flashings for Velux so Velux can be installed on any roof.

Velux flashing options -

Skydome Pitched one piece flashings for Velux

Want to couple Velux together?

No problem we make custom coupled flashings for Velux. Coupling Velux side by side, below or above can create a spectacular daylighting feature. 

Velux flashing options -