metal skyhatch from skydome hunter coast

Safe, Easy, and Affordable Roof Access

Skyhatch is a lockdown roof hatch with options to suit your project requirements. Skyhatch has been providing safe roof access for home owners & contractors since 1976 and has proven to be the quality choice when it comes to roof access hatches.  

Skyhatch Has Many Advantages

a man installing a metal skyhatch by skydome hunter coast

Models Available

skyhatch amh all metal skyhatch from skydome hunter coast


Insulated metal lid. Double layered shallow pyramid of zincalume steel packed with insulation to limit heat and rain drumming

skyhatch sh acrylic glazed skyhatch from skydome hunter coast


An opening domed access hatch glazed in 3mm Opal, Clear or Tinted UV Skyguard™ acrylic. Optional High impact or polycarbonate glazings ideal for public amenities, schools etc.


The zincalume steel base & top assembly is fitted with two gas struts to hold the hinged hatch in the open position usually at 90 degrees. Bases are standard as non-vented but can be manufactured as vented when required. Units can also be made from aluminium or stainless steel for use in highly corrosive areas. Bases are available to suit all roof types. TSD for tile, CSD for corrugated and MSD for Metal Deck. The MSD metal deck range is also suitable for installation on a hob. You can build your hob to our standard dimensions or we can custom make to suit your hob dimensions. 

Sizes – Internal Opening Sizes

550x550 800x800 1000x1000 1200x1200
400x700 550x800 550x1100 800x1100

Skyhatches can also be custom made to your dimensions and requirements. 

Need a hatch that’s a little different?

We make all sorts of hatches including sliding & bi fold. Talk to us about your project requirements and we will come up with a solution to suit your access needs.

metal skyhatch from skydome hunter coast