Heavy Duty Ladder for Commercial Applications or Heavy Duty Domestic Use

This heavy duty range of concertina ladders with timber mounting box and laminated hatch is as strong as it looks but easy and light weight to operate. Want a strong ladder with maximum load capacity? The Columbus is for you. Ideal for commercial roof access but also suitable for domestic applications wanting the best.

Wide non slip treads and a gentle 65 degree slope make for easy climbing and it can reach very high ceilings up to 4.3m. A wide 700mm opening suits conventional style roofs.

aluminum ladder for attic by skydome hunter coast

Technical Specifications

Metal Ladder Opening Floor Ceiling Standout Foldout
Columbus Stnd. 9 700x1200mm Up to 2500mm 1200-1350mm 1450mm
Columbus Stnd. 10 700x1200mm Up to 2790mm 1300-1450mm 1550mm
Columbus Stnd. 11 700x1200mm Up to 3090mm 1340-1460mm 1700mm
Columbus Small Box 12 700x1000mm Up to 3390mm 1360-1490mm 1800mm
Columbus Stnd. 12 700x1200mm Up to 3390mm 1360-1490mm 1800mm
Columbus Stnd. 13 700x1300mm Up to 3690mm 1380-1520mm 1900mm
Columbus Stnd. 14 700x1500mm Up to 3990mm 1400-1550mm 2000mm
Columbus Stnd. 15 700x1500mm Up to 4300mm 1420-1580mm 2100mm


Tread Stile Packed Casing
Depth 135mm Concertina 1200-1450mm 1200-1450mm
Thickness 28mm Concertina 460mm 150mm
Width 315mm Concertina 700mm 700mm
Weight 43-75kg
Load Capacity 200kg per step

Have you thought about it?



Remove hot air in summer and moisture in winter from your roof space for a healthier home. Motorised and wind driven options.

Columbus -


Safe easy affordable roof access, insulated metal lid, gas struts, internal locking toggle. 

Columbus -


Turn your roof cavity into usable storage space with a battened flooring grade particleboard storage area.