Upgrade Series

stair ladder to attic by skydome hunter coast

Upgrade Deluxe Attic Ladder

Looking for a quality attic ladder for regular use? The Upgrade Deluxe timber ladder is for you. Designed for floor to ceiling heights up to 3.66 metres, the Upgrade has a gentle 60 degree incline for easy climbing looks great and is Australian made. The Upgrade series is available in a 650 opening width for conventional roofs and a 550 width for trussed roofs (UGT Truss range).

Upgrade series -
upgrade deluxe attic ladder features

Technical Specifications 

Model - Timber Opening Floor Ceiling Standout Foldout
Upgrade UGT 86 650x1370mm 2600mm 1600mm 1700mm
Upgrade UGT 96 650x1370mm 2900mm 1800mm 1950mm
Upgrade UGT 106 650x1540mm 3300mm 1950mm 2100mm
Upgrade UGT 120 650x1690mm 3660mm 2200mm  2280mm
Upgrade Truss UGT86T550 560x1370mm 2600mm 1600mm  1700mm
Upgrade Truss UGT96T550 560x1370mm 2900mm 1800mm  1950mm
Upgrade Truss UGT106T550 560x1540mm 3200mm 1950mm  2100mm
Upgrade Truss UGT120T550 560x1690mm 3660mm 2200mm  2280mm


Tread Stile Packed Casing
Depth 107mm 94mm 1380 - 1700mm 1360 - 1680mm
Thickness 19mm 19mm 360mm 116x19mm
Width 410mm - 650mm 635mm
Weight 31 - 39 kg
Load Capacity 220kg spread load

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Upgrade series -

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Upgrade series -

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