Glass Skylights


Daylight with style

The Glass Skydome Series is versatile, durable and looks the goods. With single and double glazed glass options, a variety of colours including Tinted, Clear, and Opal, venting options and the ability to colour match bases to suit your roof colour the Glass Skydome is as flexible as you want it to be.

The Glass Skydome is a fully flashed skylight in a model to suit all roof types. G TSD for tile G CSD for corrugated and G MSD for metal deck profiles. Tried and proven flashing systems that work, guarantee watertight installations and are user friendly for ease of installation.

Available in 15 standard sizes. Like something different? No problem we can custom make to your dimensions and tailor a solution to suit your application.


Insulating Glass Units (IGU’s) also known as double glazing, are two panes of glass, bonded to a spacer and separated by an argon gas filled space. Because this space is fully sealed, it acts as an insulator, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature in both Summer and Winter. Most of our double glazed units also have a low e coating maximising comfort for our hot summers.

Glass Skylights -

Common Glass Combinations 

Single Glazed Glass Specifications

Glass U-Value* SHGC* STC/RW Glass Configuration
Clear 5.6 0.72 33 - 10.38mm
35 - 12.38mm
Laminated 10.38mm or 12.38mm dependent on size
Opal 5.7 0.62
Tint 5.6 0.58
Glass Skylights -

Double Glazed Glass Specifications (includes low e)

Glass U-Value* SHGC* STC/RW Glass Configuration
Clear 1.53 0.255 36 4mm Toughened double silver coated LowE 9mm Argon gas, 7.14mm toughened laminate
Opal 1.7 0.43 39 - 10.38mm
40 - 12.38mm
6mm toughened, 10mm Argon gas, 10.38mm or 12.38mm laminate dependent on size, include LowE
Tint 1.63 0.41

Building or have a home in a Bushfire Prone area

The Glass Skydome is suitable for use in homes with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) up to BAL29. If you have a higher BAL rating please call to discuss solutions. We have products suitable for use up to BAL 40.

Skydomes range of non-combustible Glass Skydomes comply to Australian Standard AS3959-2009 and have been assessed by CSIRO’s Manufacturing and Infrastructure Division as compliant to clause C1.12(f) of the Building Code of Australia.
A complete copy of the CSIRO report is available on request.

Glass Skylights -
glass skylight bushfire
Glass Skylights -


Base Type / Internal Glass Dimension Specification Code Number / Roof Type Light Area m2
Square Tile TSD Corrugated CSD Metal Deck MSD
550x550 G550TSD G550CSD G550MSD 0.302
600x600 G600TSD G600CSD G600MSD 0.360
800x800 G800TSD G800CSD G800MSD 0.640
1000x1000 G1000TSD G1000CSD G1000MSD 1.000
1200x1200 G1200TSD G1200CSD G1200MSD 1.440
400x700 G4/7TSD G4/7CSD G4/MSD 0.112
550x800 G55/8TSD G55/8CSD G55/8MSD 0.440
600x800 G6/8TSD G6/8CSD G6/8MSD 0.480
550x1100 G55/11TSD G55/11CSD G55/11MSD 0.605
600x1100 G6/11TSD G6/11CSD G6/11MSD 0.660
550x1400 G55/14TSD G55/14CSD G55/14MSD 0.770
600x1400 G6/14TSD G6/14CSD G6/14MSD 0.840
550x2100 G55/21TSD G55/21CSD G55/21MSD 1.155
600x2100 G6/21TSD G6/21CSD G6/21MSD 1.260
800x1100 G8/11TSD G8/11CSD/td> G8/11MSD 0.880
800x1400 G8/14TSD G8/14CSD G8/14MSD 1.120