GPL Dual Action Roofwindow

study area with velux from skydome hunter coast
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Maximise roof top views and ventilation

VELUX GPL is an openable, dual action roof window designed for in-reach applications and developed for use in attics and lofts to maximise roof top views and ventilation.

installation pitch 15° to 55° from skydome hunter coast

Technical Performance

U-value † Solar Heat Gain Co-effecient † Bushfire^ Heat Block WERS max 5 stars (summer rating) Australian standards
Skylight 1.30‡
Glass only 1.00
Skylight 0.31
Glass only 0.30
BAL40 Approx. 70% AS4285‡, AS1288 AS3959^, AS1530.1††

Note: BCA 2013 Vol 1 & 2 regulations (Prevention of Falls from Windows – Balustrades & Barriers): contact Skydome Hunter Coast for information relating to restrictor devices for within-reach opening skylights.

^Bushfire testing applicable to GPL in roof pitch 18°-55°. Roof window only. Custom-made flashing required. Roof window tested in closed position, additional mesh protection may be required for opening apertures (consult local council). ††Assessed in closed position.

GPL Frame and Glazing Dimensions

New Product/Size Code CK04 MK04 MK06 MK08 SK06
Old Code Pre June 2015 C04 M04 M06 M08 S06
Overall Frame Size WxH mm 550x980 780x980 780x1180 780x1400 1140x1180
Internal Glass Size WxH mm 371x783 601x783 601x983 601x1203 961x983
Daylight Area M2 0.29 0.47 0.59 0.72 0.95
Ventilation Area M2 0.39 0.58 0.72 0.87 1.09
2076 Laminated Glazing as Standard
Weight in Kg* 35.4 41.5 46.8 53.3 61.0
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