Atlite Energilite


5-star energy rating

The Atlite Energilite is a fixed glass skylight with external aluminium frame (standard in Monument) and no reveal for a clean internal finish allowing internal linings to finish just below glass.

The first Australian designed and manufactured skylight to achieve a 5-star energy rating as determined by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) for Skylights Program, licensed by the Australian Window Association.

Standard Sizes

500x500 750x750 950x950 1150x1150 1350x1350 1550x1550 500x750
500x950 500x1150 500x1350 600x1800 750x950 750x1150 750x1350

Self tinting options 

Our standard IGU glass combination is listed above with clear on clear but we have a range of glazings that can be used with the Energilite. For automatic glare control consider our superior self-tinting glass option incorporating technology to reduce glare and further keep the heat out in our warmer climate.

The self-tinting laminated glass uses special thermochromic technology allowing for windows to darken as sun becomes more intensive. Designed to help manage changing needs for passive solar heat gain and natural light.