Atlite fixed and openable roofwindow

atlite roofwindow from skydome hunter coast

the premium roof window

Sleek, Sophisticated and Innovative. The Atlite premium roof window offers impeccable design and functionality to transform any space with daylight. The Atlite roofwindow is suitable for any roof pitch, comes fully assembled and available with our one piece welded flashings specifically designed to suit each roof type. TSD for tile. CSD for corrugated and MSD for metal deck. Flashings can be colour matched to suit your roof colour. 

The Atlite roofwindow is available in Fixed, Manual opening and Electric Models. All with external aluminium frame standard in Monument and internal aluminium reveal finished in white. The Atlite Electric Roofwindow is factory fitted with all the goodies including the rain sensor so just plug it in and your away. 

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Let more light in

Featuring edge to edge glass, the sleek frameless glass design means no trims. Using premium quality glass ensures strength, resilience and optimizes transparency, letting more light in without letting in extra heat.

Keep the heat out in summer
and stay warm in winter

The Premium Roof Window boasts double glazed glass ensuring comfort all year round. Whether it’s the harsh Australian summer or our cold winters the Atlite range helps to efficiently and naturally regulate the temperature of your space and provide proficient insulation all year round.

Material Standard glass 6mm clear toughened outer
12mm argon gas
6.38 mm clear laminated low E inner glazing
Visible transmittance 59%
U value 1.3
SHGC 0.24
Shading Coefficient 0.28
standard glass 6mm clear toughened outer 12mm argon gas 6.38 mm clear laminated low e inner glazing

For total control the Atlite roofwindow also has blind accessories that are factory fitted when required.

bush fire, hail, cyclone & leak resistant from skydome hunter coast

Bush fire, hail,
cyclone & leak resistant

Our glass has been exposed to extreme hear and powerful factory simulations to put it to the test in the harshest of weather conditions. Our solid construction guarantees that our glass is leak proof, fire safe, and rain, hail and cyclone resilient. Our product is designed to endure Australia’s cruelest climate conditions..

fire resistant & leak proof icon

15 standard  shapes and sizes

It was an integral part of the design process to provide our customers with a range of premade sizes and specifications as well as having the ability to custom build. So if your preferred size is not listed below, no problem.

Standard sizes include:

550x550 550x800 550x1000* 550x1200 550x1400*
800x800 800x1000 800x1200 800x1400 1000x1000
1200x1200 1400x1400 1600x1600

*can be pertrait or landscape orientation 

atlite roofwindow standard shapes and sizes from skydome hunter coast