Circular Skylights

circular skylight at the hallway

Skydome circular skylight

The Skydome Circular Skylight adds further dimension to stylish and creative building design. Ideally suited to a flat roof or installation onto a hob the Skydome Circular skylight is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. A large range of sizes are available from 550 to 2400mm diameter. Circular skylights are available with either a square or circular flashing base and can be vented or nonvented. Flashing bases can be manufactured from either zincalume or aluminium and can be colour matched to suit your roof.  

Size Range Diameter (mm) 550, 800, 1000, 1500, 1800, 2400
Glazing Colour Options Clear, Tinted, Opaque
Glazing Material Options UV Skyguard acrylic, High Impact acrylic, Polycarbonate
Base Material Options Zincalume, Aluminium
Base Options Vented, Non-vented

*Bases can be colour matched to suit your roof colour. Standard Colorbond range.

Every Skydome skylight comes with a comprehensive 7 year guarantee of manufacture and workmanship. Our domes are manufactured as standard with UV Skyguard™ acrylic eliminating 99% of harmful UV rays. For further product information contact us today on 131424.